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Where's the Rum Gone?

Widows Walk is Newport Distilling's second rum in ten years. It was worth the wait.


Back in 2006, Newport Distilling was the first to receive a distilling license in Rhode Island in 135 years. Since then, Thomas Tew Single Barrel rum has been their flagship – and only – rum. The dark amber rum has hints of molasses and oak on the nose, while tasting like caramel, molasses, vanilla, oak and spices.

For the first time in ten years, Newport Distilling is releasing a new white rum: Widows Walk. “Widows Walk took [a few] years to develop,” explains co-founder and Master Distiller Brent Ryan. “It started with defining what we wanted from the spirit. Most white rums disappear into the background of cocktails, so we wanted something that would stand up to a variety of modifiers and bring flavor to a cocktail.” And stand up it does. First, Widows Walk is aged six to twelve months. Second, it has a higher proof (135), which concentrates the flavor.

But how to drink it? Well, Widows Walk was developed for cocktailing. “The bold flavor and high proof make it a really versatile rum for a variety of applications,” says Brent. “Unlike most white rum, Widows Walk has a substantially bold flavor that can work well in a kitchen. Like all liquor, the alcohol disappears pretty quickly when you heat it up, but what you're left with are butter, molasses and cane flavors from the rum.” Plus, it doesn't have any sugar. So whether you want to add an additional molasses or cane kick of flavor to a cake or a glaze, you can do so without adding any additional sweetness. 

Currently, Brent is working with places in RI that specialize in great cocktails and is looking forward to seeing all the creative ways they use it. “This is our first new spirit in ten years and only the second thing we've released from our distillery,” says Brent. “We take our time perfecting everything we do, and that can take a long time.” 401-849-5232,