We’ll Have Manhattan

This winter, Bridge in Westerly serves a dreamy drama


There is no color quite like the Tea ‘Em Up Manhattan – a reddish brown, like mahogany in a glass. The cocktail evokes drawing rooms, old pubs, fireside chats. This Manhattan is that rare combination of tough and classy, the kind of libation Daniel Craig would sip on the cover of Esquire. Not surprisingly, Tea ‘Em Up looks perfectly at home on a window-side table at Bridge Restaurant in Westerly.

The secret ingredient is in the title: bergamot, the essence of Earl Grey tea. Bridge bartenders infuse Bulleit Bourbon with this earthy oil, then mix with an amaro liqueur by Fratelli Ramazzotti. Add two dashes of peach bitters, a bit of vermouth, and a bar spoon of Luxardo Maraschino syrup, and you have yourself a mid-winter masterpiece.

You could attempt the mix yourself, but Bridge excels at ambiance, and it will easily reward a cold-weather visit. Whether you’re meeting friends after work or arranging a romantic night out, Bridge has all the riverside views and moody lighting that a guest could ask for, plus crackling fires and a famous raw bar. After about 10 years in the business, Bridge is still the town’s reigning champion of refined respite. Cheers to that.