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A Bigger Donut in Barrington

McDaffa's Donut Cakes upgrades the delicious trend but turning the handheld treats into full sized cakes


Until very recently, there was one kind of donut cake for the whole state of Rhode Island. While Allie’s is and always will be an icon, Chris Daft thought he could add something to the mix. He started making McDaffa’s Donut Cakes last November. “Of course I’m biased,” he says, “but this is a premium product.” Chris sources all ingredients from France, and the all-vegan recipe took a year to perfect. He and his business partner Jonathan McGloin make the cakes out of Mangia Pizza in Barrington, which Jonathan owns. Customers can order online and only need to give 24 hours’ notice, even for custom designs. Not bad for a business that’s been around less than a year. “We’re gaining some momentum,” Chris says. “We just crossed over into the thousands of cakes.”