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Table to Farm

Wishing Stone Farm hosts dinners with some of the state’s most renowned chefs


A family-run farm. A sprinkle of local chefs. An abundance of organic produce. Taken together, Wishing Stone Farm in Little Compton creates the perfect way to bring their small community together: Farm Dinners.

Now in its 35th year of operation, the farm will team up with some of Rhode Island’s best restaurants to bring Farm Dinner attendees a true taste of Little Compton, straight from the soil. “It was such a great experience the first two times we did [Farm Dinner] that we knew we wanted to continue it,” says Liz Peckham, co-owner of Wishing Stone Farm.

Working with son Silas and husband Skip, Peckham sets up tables and chairs on their 40-acre farm for six events each season that feature culinary works from Providence-based chefs. This month, they’ll welcome chefs from restaurants Nick’s on Broadway, Oberlin, Birch, and North, as well as Cranston’s The Joint. And what are they serving? Nobody knows. “We allow the chefs to make up the menu,” laughs Peckham. “We don’t know what we’re having until we eat.”

The first dinner of the season will draw on a clambake theme using vegetables grown on the farm and seafood sourced from local fishermen. “We really try to do the best thing and keep things as healthy as we can,” promises Peckham, expressing the farm’s dedication to exceptional local food.

The best part of Farm Dinner, however, is the sense of community. Says Peckham, the Farm Dinner “is a nice way to gather people that really don’t know each other in a family style [setting].” Little Compton