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More Donuts is Always a Good Thing

New England Homemade Donuts adds sprinkles to Aquidneck Island


In Rhode Island, every time it seems like donut venues have reached critical mass, a new great location opens up. From PVDonuts to Knead in Providence, from Four Corners to Allie’s in South County - we are spoiled with the variety types of great donuts around the Ocean State.

The latest newcomer is New England Homemade Donuts. Functioning out of the Patriot Petroleum building in Portsmouth, New England Homemade Donuts is owned by Raksmeyleakena Dul and her uncle Sothy Khiev, who has 10 years in the donut business. Dul and her husband Socheat Chhean run the daily operations and also have two part-time employees.

New England Homemade Donuts specializes in light and airy donuts, similar to the Dunkin variety. They also feature bear claws, cinnamon rolls, cake donuts, breakfast sandwiches, and – of course – coffee. Dul is especially enthusiastic about the apple fritters.

The shop opened in March 2018, and Dul feels they bring a lot to the table. “We provide very friendly service and are willing to customize the items to suit the customers’ needs,” she says. “Also, the food is all handcrafted using high-quality ingredients. We always keep things fresh and choose quality over quantity. And we offer drive-through service if people are in a hurry.” 3302 East Main Road, Portsmouth