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The Wax Pot in Warren helps you put your best face forward


Tired of the soul-eating morning commute on 95, I decided to change my route to the office, for a longer but less stressful ride in. I’d been passing by The Wax Pot in Warren each day, and every time I’d be reminded of my unruly eyebrows. Having just started a new career position, I was putting most cosmetic related issues on the back burner. Well, more like the broiler, under the stove, that no one uses. By the time I made my first appointment there, my brows had reached Scorcese status. Since my motto the previous month had been “stress yourself out so much you lock your keys in your car,” I also decided to book their Keep Calm and Hydrate facial service.

Walking into this waxing and skincare boutique, I was warmly greeted by Master Aesthetician/owner Susan Ciosek and felt a refreshingly relaxed vibe. This was the polar opposite of how I had felt walking into the convenient yet extremely awkward nail salon I’d previously frequented. Every two weeks I’d ask for an eyebrow wax, only to have them loudly offer to do my upper lip, too, in front of five strangers. It was quite the uncomfortable biweekly encounter. There was also the second wave of awkwardness when leaving, passing by every pedicure chair with my upper lip looking like I just crushed a quart of Hawaiian Punch.

Prior to my waxing and facial service, Susan had me fill out a form to describe my skin type and list any possible medical conditions or allergies, including gluten, as part of the facial involved an oatmeal mask. Thankfully I can still enjoy a baguette. She shared that she used to work in corporate healthcare and also has background in interior design, which explained her passion for skincare and aesthetics.

Susan guided me towards the waxing area for an eyebrow shaping service. She carefully examined my brows. Before applying the wax she asked where the small scar on my left eyebrow came from, which surprised me since I’d never been asked about it previously during a waxing service. The wax was comfortably warm, not scalding: Always a plus. The wax strip removal was probably the least painful I’ve ecountered. This is because she uses a soy-based wax, recommended for sensitive skin, that leaves less irritation than most cosmetic waxes. AKA no fire brows. After a slight brow trim she held up the mirror and for the first time in quite a while I was genuinely happy with how they looked. Since perfect “twin-like” brow structure is gifted to very few, her goal was to make the brows look like “sisters.”

She then guided me to the private facial room. I can’t help but be excited every time I see a massage bed, as I know I’m about to become the president of Relaxation Nation. The facial began with a gentle green tea antioxidant cleanser, to wash away the day. This was followed by a light steam and an oatmeal enzyme retexturizing mask. I have an admittedly bizarre sense of smell and love the scent of oatmeal. It reminds me of my childhood and not having to pay taxes. She explained that the oatmeal enzymes gently lift the dull surface layers and would refine my skin’s appearance. For the massage, Susan used a citrus rejuvenating massage oil to stimulate circulation and soften any impurities for extractions. Still a newbie to facials, I think the fact that they come with a massage is like having Truffle Fries and Poutine at the same time. They’re both wonderful. After the extractions, which would be my favorite part if I was an aesthetician, she used a collagen based “Cryo-healing” mask with vitamins E, C and A to lift, firm up and soothe the skin. She then applied a nourishing hyaluronic gel capsule to repair and strengthen my skin’s protective layer, finished by an anti-aging moisturizer and eye cream.

I was carded at the liquor store a couple days later, so maybe I have Susan to thank for that? During my facial, I also found out that they take walk-ins for waxing services. I think The Wax Pot is my new East Bay wax spot.

The Wax Pot
422 Main Street, Warren