Beyond the Trends

A Warren boutique that makes the season bright


We caught up with Dora Larue, owner of Isadora’s Beaux in Warren, to chat about all things fashion. 

How did your love for fashion develop?
Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been excited about fashion. I loved the little details (buttons, lace) and the way clothes worked. I made clothes for my dolls, and while growing up I would advise my four sisters regarding fashion. I’ve always admired people like Jackie O. and Audrey Hepburn with their classic, sophisticated look. I can also appreciate the fun aspect of fashion that is not quite so serious. 

How long have you been in the biz? 
I’ve been in this business for 20 years. I was the buyer for Gabrielle Apparel in Providence’s Wayland Square for 15 years, spending much of my time on the floor, listening to the requests and needs of very particular and professional women. I buy with my customer’s needs in mind – not just whatever a particular designer decides is a “latest trend.” I also consider that most women are not six feet tall and don’t weigh 100 pounds, so many of the fashions wesee are geared toward an unrealistic view of the world. I do consider the trends to a small degree, but enjoy combining them with a more classic, or traditional look. I have my own particular sense of taste and style, and buy accordingly. 

How can we lighten up our winter wardrobe and make it work with the warmer weather? 
Put it in the closet. For those who have been layering with turtlenecks and leggings, just take them off! 

What do you feel is in style for spring? 
This spring’s fashion is very feminine, which I find refreshing. As a color palatte, baby pink, blue and yellow are very strong this year. Tropical prints also are popular again, reincarnating the ‘60s and ‘80s. 

What is your take on the white pants before Memorial Day issue? It seems lots of women have questions such as this.
I say go for it, there’s no law in fashion. I enjoy advising people for personal assistance, and do make special appointments for those who are too busy to visit during regular hours.

Any spring fashion trends you’d like to suggest?
A beautiful, light, leather bag to make the season bright. 

How do you take a cardigan and make it work for spring? 
Simple, especially in New England, where for the most part our weather requires one. I recommend that every woman have a high-quality cotton cardigan, and layer it with some brights to give us that spring bounce. 

What is your fashion staple for any season? 
A beautiful, flowy skirt with a fashionable, quality scarf. The best spring accessories are our scarves from Bolivia. 

What’s next for the boutique? 
We are about to launch a Facebook page, with advice and announcements of new arrivals. It will keep the public up to date as new lines arrive. I will continue my quest to stock my boutique with everything pertaining to women’s needs, making it easier for my customers to stop in one place. I intend to include items such as shoes and undergarments that fit their style.

Isadora’s Beaux is located at 227 Water Street in Warren. 401-219-9163.