The Sweetest Taste on Aquidneck Island

A local food artisan sweetens the East Bay one hive at a time


Jeff Mello of Aquidneck Honey in Middletown has been bee keeping for 20 years. He is passionate about hives, honey, pollination and ensuring the health of the future of bees. His mantra: no bees, no farms, no food. He’s serious. Why else would a guy allergic to bees make honey for a living?

Jeff takes care of over a thousand hives all over area. All his honeybees are 100% chemical free and all the properties where hives live are all natural or organically managed. Each hive is personally managed by Jeff. That’s a lot of care going into not only making honey, but also pollinating farms and gardens across the state of Rhode Island.

Aquidneck Honey produces liquid honey, plain and simple – raw and chemical free, no excess flavoring. It’s as pure and delicious as can be and can be found at stores and farmers markets all over the East Bay.

Want a little heat with your honey? Then try Aquidneck’s Hot Honey, infused with homegrown ghost peppers and Trinidad scorpion peppers. It’s an incredible blend of hot and sweet. And the latest on the Aquidneck must have list is their honey filled chocolates: 68% dark chocolate filled with honey. Find them.

Jeff encourages everyone to leave your lawn alone and let the clover go. If bees don’t have food, they will leave and we will suffer the consequences. His advice? Enjoy as much Aquidneck Honey as possible.