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The Power Prowler

Kerry Taylor of 212 Fitness bulks up our knowledge on the benefits of weight training


If you wake up thinking, “Today, I’m going to kill it,” chances are, you’re the Power Prowler. Power Prowlers love to push the limits in the fitness world. Picking heavy things up, throwing heavy things down and moving heavy things all around are essentials to your routine, in addition to testing stamina, endurance and agility. You are aiming to be the overall athlete. Speaking of overall athletes, we turned to ex-NFL player and now-owner of 212 Health and Performance of Rumford, Kerry Taylor, with questions about the importance of including a solid weight-training program into your plan.

“I could give you all the detailed benefits of what weight training does externally, but in the simplest terms, what excites me most about it is what it does for the inside – the stuff you can’t see. It gives you energy, focus and a determination to dominate whatever task may come your way. If you can get your mind straight, you become unstoppable in all areas of your life.” she explains.

Kerry believes the best workouts are the ones that continuously challenge you to become a better version of yourself each week, and to really stick to a weight-training program, it has to be energetic, fun, motivational or with a group of like-minded coaches or trainees. When it comes to lifting, Kerry stands firm on what he believes each client should be able to do, for the most beneficial outcome. “A client should be able to perform essential movement patterns to the best of their ability – which include a good dose of hinging, pulling, bracing and rotation,” Kerry begins. “We live in a society that puts us into bad posture regularly and in positions where we are not prepared to move properly. Weight training with movements that include the above tactics allow clients to move better, functionally, over time. And when you move better, you build up and get stronger, and push forward toward that goal of being in the best shape of your life.”

Examples of (hip) hinging moves are deadlifts; pulling moves are rows; bracing refers to stabilizing your core completely before performing a move and rotation is as it sounds: transferring force through a stable mid-section. Combining all of these forces transforms in to better overall body movement, as Kerry explains.

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