The Influencer: Kristen Coates

How the art gallery owner reflects personal style from the wardrobe to the work space


"My everyday look is a bit more coastal chic, which is unavoidable in Newport. White cotton everything for summer and Barbour and boots for all other seasons. For going out and meeting with clients, I dress up in a way I think is artful yet classic: crisp white shirts, pencil skirts, and statement dresses. I still like wearing heels and having my hair blown out even if the day was spent in foul weather trying to get an outdoor installation finished.

Having my art and home store in Newport has been a natural progression of my career in art and lifestyle. Inside, you will find original art and unique objects for the well-curated home. Clients come in for a breath of fresh air and inspiration and return over and over as it’s always changing.

I bring in pieces or brands that you won’t find at every other store in Newport or New England for that matter. I feel my clients trust that I am offering quality items I know and love and it won’t be something they will find down the street from their homes, whether here or elsewhere.

My storefront and windows are an explosion of love and inspiration from the inside of my shop (or head!) and projecting to the public. The barn-red color of the building paired with it being the shaded side of the street makes the windows almost always have a glare and I wanted something you could see from a block away without it being off putting. This spring, we are installing a live webcam art piece for thousands of people that stop and take selfies. It’s really shocking how many people stop to take a photo.

My home is quite similar to the store, but with about 90 percent less stuff. I use all the same wall colors and there’s definitely the same feel as far as my sense of style goes. My art is a bit more contemporary and I definitely have more art, design, and foodie coffee table books at my house than the store, if that’s even possible."

Kristen Coates