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The Belgian Waffle Invasion

The Burgundian is bringing waffles to new levels of deliciousness


“When I first tried a Liege waffle,” Shane Matlock says, “it left me wondering why we in the US had never had this deliciousness.” Fast forward some years, and his business, The Burgundian: Coffee and Waffles is bringing a new kind of European delicacy to Rhode Island.

Unlike batter-based Belgian waffles, which are called “Brussels waffles” in Europe, Matlock’s brioche-based Liege waffles are day-to-night street food, suited to creative toppings both sweet and savory, like The Sweet Rhody – topped with Dave’s Coffee Milk mascarpone whipped cream, Borealis Coffee espresso fudge drizzle, and Bellicchi’s Best cocoa nib biscotti – or the Hash-Tag waffle, a chorizo bacon plantain hash with queso fresco and a crema drizzle. “They’re often eaten with beer, or after a heavy dose of Belgian beer, which is why I’ve been popping up at breweries,” he says. “Sort of a ‘do as the Belgians do.’” He’ll be at Ragged Island Brewery in Portsmouth on February 9, and the Meet Your Maker Market at Hope and Main in Warren on February 11. Working out of the Hope and Main kitchen, Shane is able to easily use products like Anchor Toffee, Newport Sea Salt, Aunt Tatty’s Butterscotch, and dips from Backyard Food Company as toppings. “Being a Burgundian is about enjoying great food and drink, with great people, sitting, laughing and discussing,” he explains. “It’s a very festive, social way to interact with your food and drink.”