Tea for Two in Swansea

Tickle's Tea Room offers tea, food, dessert, a good time and much more


Lynn and Jack Tickle own Tickle’s, a gift shop that’s so much more – including a Tea Room perfect for shopping breaks. Here, Lynn dishes on tea, grilled cheese and other autumnal treats.

What is Tickle’s Tea Room?
We built it in 1996, when we decided to relocate Tickle’s. We built the current building with the thought that Tickle’s should be more than just a place to shop. We wanted it to be a destination, “something to do.” We designed a cozy area with a fireplace for people to be able to sit and have lunch or dessert. In the beginning, it didn’t really have a name of it’s own. It was nicknamed “The Tea Room” and it stuck. It is a lovely room to also sit with a pot of tea, hot apple cider or even a glass of wine!

What sort of items can you nosh on?
We serve a full lunch menu everyday, offering soups, chowder, quiche, salads, sandwiches, lobster rolls and crab cakes, as well as homemade desserts
like bread pudding, apple and chocolate cream pie.

Who doesn’t like homemade desserts? What are some on the menu?
We have homemade coconut cream pie, chocolate cream pie, chocolate cookies, apple caramel crunch and pineapple cream cheese pie. These change all the time depending on the season.

I hear that on special occasions you serve Afternoon Tea.
We serve Afternoon Teas on Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas. The Tea Room is also available for Afternoon Teas and brunch for private events. Afternoon Tea consists of scones and pastries followed by tea sandwiches such as cucumber and chicken, walnut and cranberry salad. It is completed with mini desserts and chocolate covered strawberries.

What are some beverages that can warm you up on the coming cold days?
We have coffee, tea, hot apple cider this time of year and hot chocolate. Our flavored coffee changes everyday – we had Pumpkin coffee today. When you have tea in the Tea Room there are about a dozen different ones to choose from – and we serve Republic of Tea.

I hear you have a grilled cheese bar.
We serve eight different kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches with our homemade Tomato Bacon Bisque. We have an Apple with Cheddar Cheese and Hot Pepper Jelly that is very popular.

What are some of your favorite lunch items?
We have our own Lobster Salad Roll and a warm Lobster Roll served with butter drizzle. We also have an openfaced sandwich called The Big Bird which has turkey, dressing, gravy and cranberry sauce. For the healthy minded we have Veggie Wraps and a California Wrap with turkey, avocado, tomato, lettuce and chipotle mayonnaise.

What kinds of events can one plan at the Tea Room?
We use the Tea Room for many activities we host at Tickle’s - most recently a Paint and Pour where we served specialty drinks during the evening. We also use the Tea Room for things you don’t have to pay for. We’ll have an artist – like a jewelry designer – and we’ll set up a meet-and-greet with complimentary hors d’ouevres. Because the Tea Room is only open from 10:30am- 3pm we use the Tea Room for activities that pertain to the store.

What’s next?
Tickle’s will shortly be breaking ground to build “The Carriage House,” which will also be offering dinner. It will have a dining room, full alcohol license, offer brunch on Sunday and lunch and dinner during the week.