Taste Test

Taste Test: Ham

A salty and sweet sampling of ham dishes around the East Bay


In April, we’re dreaming of Easter egg hunts, visits with the Bunny himself, and the main event: the Easter ham dinner. Because we couldn’t wait, we sampled some of the most delectable ham dishes from around the Bay. Not only were they delicious, they reminded us of home. 

Hog Heaven

Nothing can compare to a traditional Ham Dinner and Family Ties knocked it out of the park. The ham was a perfect blend of sweet and savory. It reminded us of sit-down family dinners and had us clamoring for the next bite. 221 Main Road, Tiverton. 401-624-2321.

Total Ham
The Proscuitto di Parma from Pasta Beach was simply divine. The crust was crispy and dressed with tomato sauce, mozzarella, Parma prosciutto and a delicious addition of arugula. The flavors all came together a great slice of pie. 7 Memorial Boulevard, Newport. 401-847-2222

Ham it Up

In its adorable skillet, the Frittata Lorraine from The Aviary was almost too cute to eat. Almost. The egg, smoked ham and potato dish was savory and every bite was a treat. The gooey Swiss cheese that accompanied it was the perfect marriage of tastes. 2229 GAR Highway, Swansea. 508-379-6007

Jammin' Jambon 

We expected a lot from the French Le Central’s Croque Monsieur, and it delivered. The sandwich was perfectly toasted with ham inside and Gruyere melted on top. It had us simply in heaven, and many of us went for seconds. 483 Hope Street, Bristol. 401-396-9965