Spectacular Sculpture at Four Corners

The Sculpture Park is open during daylight hours through Oct and is free and open to the public


The sculptures are organic, unusual and rich at the Tiverton Four Corners Sculpture Park Exhibit that even wildlife may take them to their bosoms (and cubbyholes).

“We had a sculptor ‘wrap’ a tree with pinecones. It was a beautiful installation, though some of the piece still remains... the squirrels took care of the majority of the sculpture within a short period of time,” says Executive Director Jennifer Sunderland.

For 21 seasons, from July through the end of October, humans benefit much more. The self-guided exhibit has provided provocative strolls from piece to piece on the lawn of the historic Meeting House. “It gives folks in the area the chance to view sculpture in a bucolic setting,” adds Jennifer.

The event is sponsored by The Cottage at Four Corners. For its 21st incarnation, selected artists like Lynne Harlow, Margie Butler, Aarti Kathuria, Gage Prentiss, Kurt Snell and Howie Sneider display their imaginative works. For the past five years, Jennifer said, her team has brought in special curators, specialists in the field, to select themes and artists to match them. This year’s team of curators includes Stephanie Fortunato, Deputy Director of Providence Arts, Culture & Tourism, and Julia Lazarus, Project Manager for Continuing Education at Brown University.

“If you take some of the pieces that are normally displayed in a white box gallery or in the middle of the city... you can say that the pieces are all displayed in an unusual way to a certain extent,” says Jennifer. “But it always amazes us, year after year, how the pieces always feel like they have always been there.” The Sculpture Park is open during daylight hours through Oct. Free and open to the public.