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From ramen to bun, Boru Noodle Bar lights up Newport's tastebuds


If you haven’t gone to a noodle bar now’s your chance. Boru Noodle Bar introduces diners to a variety of ramen dishes that are traditional and adventurous. Their House Ramen keeps it basic with pork belly, egg and napa atop their wheat-based egg noodles. However, the Portuguese Shellfish Ramen incorporates local flavors like spicy pimento broth, chourico and pickled vegetables. They even have vegetarian options.

No noodle bar would be complete without a standout Pork Bun: a chewy and soft bun with pork belly, hoisin and radish nestled within. If you’re a noodle bar fan this place is a must-try. If you’re a newbie, this is a great place to expand your palate. 36 Broadway, Newport. 401-846-4200,