Signature Baubles

An inspired boutique owner crafts one-of-a-kind treasures in Warren


Whether you’re on a quest to find that perfect Valentine’s Day gift or a mission to bedeck yourself, Jennifer Elizabeth houses a selection of unique jewelry that will please even the most discerning accessory aficionado.

The boutique, which opened this past October, houses owner Jennifer Amenta’s original jewelry collections that she makes by hand from all different types of vintage elements. From bold statement pieces ornamented with jewels to her quieter items adorned with feathers and stones, Jennifer Elizabeth truly holds a special piece for anyone.

“Whether it’s an old artifact, your grandmother’s earrings, or pieces of vintage glass, I find a way to incorporate the unexpected.” Amenta says.

At the age of five, Amenta’s mother found her tearing apart her old christening gown and party dresses, drawing on them to create her own fashions. Years later, after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Amenta became a fashion designer, working her way through the corporate world. However, the fashion industry that so many others strive to fit into was no match for such a creative designer.

“I’ve always collected vintage everything and one day I just decided to make a necklace out of some vintage pieces,” Amenta recalls. I didn’t think much of it but wore it to work the next day. By the end of the following day I had three orders from co-workers for a similar necklace.”

That push of confidence was all Amenta needed to quit her job. With the full support of friends and family, she began teaching herself how to design and craft her own jewelry. And just like that, Jennifer Elizabeth was born. After living in New York for over 10 years, Amenta packed up and moved her newly-born venture to Rhode Island. While she was searching for a studio space solely to design her jewelry in anticipation of selling wholesale, Amenta stumbled upon a gem of a location in Warren. And although the thought had only momentarily crossed her mind in a long-term sense, she saw an opportunity to open her own retail boutique. Amenta instantly fell in love with the space and the town.

“The bay area creates a lot of good inspiration for me,” she says. “In New York City I was go, go, go all of the time, and now being here I’ve learned to slow down just a little bit.”

Currently, Amenta is incorporating her other passion – animals – in her collection, creating a piece for the Hartford Animal Shelter with the proceeds going towards the organization; she hopes to bring her charitable contributions to the bay in the near future.

“I’ve always had a hunger to succeed on my own,” Amenta explains. “My motivation comes from that. I am constantly thinking ahead about what to do next. I truly love what I do, and love being in this area.”