Shine On

The Rhode Island Film Collaborative takes on the local music scene


Come on, admit it. You’ve stood in the mirror, hairbrush in hand, belting out tunes and dreaming of starring in your own music video. Miley Cyrus ain’t got nothing on you. And neither do the guys in Nickleback. Ew.

The creative minds over at Rhode Island Film Collaborative (RIFC) are heading up a grassroots art project called Rock & Reel, which may just set the stage for your fantasies to come true. They’re pairing independent filmmakers with local bands and challenging them to make narrative music videos in a span of just nine days. Co-producer Emily Olson says, “Don’t imagine a typical concert footage video – think more like 'Thriller' but with a lower budget.”

Filmmakers are responsible for gathering actors (ahem), props and scouting locations; musicians pick appropriate tracks. On October 4, they will be randomly matched and filmmakers will be tasked with shooting narrative shorts inspired by the music. All will be shown “on the big screen” at Cinema World in Lincoln, to be voted on by audience members and a panel of judges.

Besides glory, winning pairs will have a screening of their video before the bands perform in a special concert at The Met in Pawtucket. All proceeds go back to RIFC.