Shine From The Inside

Healing through the power of gems at Tiffany Peay Jewelry in Tiverton


Located in Tiverton Four Corners for the past 10 years, Tiffany Peay Jewelry has been a go-to spot for that special piece of handmade jewelry. Tiffany’s shop and studio is filled with delicate earrings, bracelets, necklaces and cocktail rings, all made with gemstones, pearls and different types of gold.

On most days you can find Tiffany sitting at a table on the main floor of the shop sorting through countless gems – tourmaline, sapphire, rose quartz and moonstone – to make her pieces. “I love working with customers to help them choose the right gem and piece, no matter their intention,” she says.

The shop has evolved from selling high-end jewelry to harnessing the power of healing through crystals and gemstones. “Gemstones have energies and having them close to the body is one way to adorn and also heal the body and soul,” she explains. She offers crystal bed light therapy treatment at the store as well. “I love sharing these innovative ways to raise our vibration,” Tiffany says. “It brings me great pleasure to know my work makes someone feel brighter, lighter, loved and more beautiful.”

Tiffany Peay Jewelry
3851 Main Road, Tiverton