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Talking winter beauty tips and more with June Ferreira of Tranquil Waters Spa


June Ferreira owns Tranquil Waters Spa, Cafe and Salon Services in Seekonk.

Tranquil Waters offers spa treatments, beauty treatments and energy work under one roof and wellness center. What’s your wellness philosophy?
Our philosophy is to try to work on the whole body, the whole person. Some people can only do it in small increments. We can do it from head to toe, from the inside to the outside. It’s a result oriented facility. All products are medical grade products that are only available at a high-end spa or dermatologist.

Why did you choose organic hair products?
Tranquil Waters only carries Philip Pelusi hair products; they repair the hair and do not damage it. It’s like food for the hair. They are the only truly organic keratin treatment. Other products claiming to be organic still have a certain percentage of formaldehyde in them. We chose the Philip Pelusi hair care line because the products don’t even have water in them, they are aloe vera based. My only complaintis that they last too long! All products we carry are amazing and they work. We send our stylists to New York to train at the Philip Pelusi training center. He is one of the top ten stylists in the country, top 100 in the world – he developed Clairol’s full line.

What should we do at home to stave off dry winter skin?
You need to make taking care of your skin a priority by drinking lots of water, having humidity in your home and using the right product lines to lock that moisture in. Most products you buy over the counter are 90% water and will evaporate off of your body. The products we sell are mostly chemistry and 10% water. Chemistry indicates the amount of active ingredients in the product. We carry SkinCeuticals, Talmer (from Italy) and G.M. Collin (from Canada). These companies spend time improving their products and are constantly working on them. Most over the counter products are using chemistry from the 1980s. We are in 2013! We use the most cutting edge technology so you are getting the most for your money. These are products that I stand behind. We put a lot of time and research into the products we carry.

What are this winter’s seasonal treatments?
We have Chocolate Peppermint treatments for the winter. Chocolate is detoxifying. The cocoa helps to draw out toxins and it helps add flavonoids to your body. Peppermint is invigorating for the body and skin and helps with circulation. A great one is the Winter Body Wrap. It’s a full body treatment that starts with a salt scrub to take dead skin off, then a chocolate mask covering the whole body to detoxify and hydrate and then you get wrapped in a warm blanket. All you can smell is chocolate. It’s amazing.

Like everyone else, we’re stressed out and pressed for time. What’s the best way to spend three indulgent hours there?
I would do a Sapphire Photo Facial first. It is a medical grade facial that incorporates a sapphire tip microdermabrasion (helps with fine lines, wrinkles, scarring and hyperpigmentation), blue light therapy (oxygenates skin and kills bacteria beneath skin) and red light therapy (builds collagen and firms and tones muscles). You end up with a non-surgical facial ($295 for the facial, it is $850 anywhere else). This is what the stars do before they go on the red carpet.

Next I would have the Aromatherapy Massage with nice lavender oil and a lavender paraffin treatment for your feet. Then get the Signature Manicure – also hot paraffin treatment for your hands. Finally I would get my hair done – Spa Hair Therapy Treatment, our signature Philip Pelusi treatment done in the spa. It rejuvenates hair, replaces protein you’ve lost and help repairs damaged hair.

What’s the one beauty indulgence you can’t live without?
The stem cell products. I use the stem cell eye cream, serum and cream, the combination gives it a one two three punch. It’s made with apple dna from GM Collin. It really turns the clock back on the aging process.

We hear you’ve just opened a children’s spa. Tell us more.
It’s called Little Rivers and its there for the convenience of our guests. It’s for kids ages five to eleven. It’s mini services that introduce them to the spa experience – chair massage, mini mani/ pedis, facials and massage. These are services for children who’s parents are having services, we try to make their services run about the same amount of time as the parent.

After we’re done being pampered, we can shop in the boutique. What do you carry there?
Unbelievable things. Gift items, designer pocketbooks and designer jewelry – one of a kind pieces from very high-end designers such as Kirks Folly Jewelry and Joanne Catherine who specializes in pearls and stones. Unique items you wouldn’t find anywhere else and some clothing.

What’s the VIP prograpm?
A lot of people think that it is so high-end that they can’t afford to go here. But there is a wide range of services that are affordable for everyone. We also treat people here as VIPs. You can become a VIP very easily just by becoming a guest and joining via email. You get 5% back in reward point that can be used the first quarter of every year. VIPs also get complimentary haircuts when you get a full color or full foil and get upgrades and extras through the emails.