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A Taste of France in Tiverton

Serving up French Cuisine with a (deliciously) casual approach at Plouf Plouf's brick-and-mortar cafe


For six years, Mario Molliere and Anik Palulian did the impossible: they served French cuisine from a food truck. French dishes usually require a white tablecloth and candelabra, but Plouf Plouf Gastronomie cleverly adapted Gallic classics into portable meals, such as the Charcuterie Plate and the Duck Burger. The truck has served a wide range of Rhode Islanders, and they have been a particular hit at parties, weddings, and tailgating sessions. But now the time has come, and Plouf Plouf has opened a brick-and-mortar cafe.

Plouf Plouf Cafe opened in Tiverton earlier this summer, proving that “French casual” isn’t an oxymoron but a delicious night out. The couple has expanded the menu to include such stately entrees as Canard Confit and Saumon à la Nicoise. The truck will remain in operation, along with Plouf Plouf’s catering service, but now fans have the chance to sit down and enjoy their dîners in the comfort of a rural bistro.

In many ways, Molliere is returning to his natural habitat: born in Germany and raised in France, Molliere worked in fine restaurants across Europe. Only after owning a restaurant in Connecticut did he move to Rhode Island and gear up his truck with Palulian. Molliere is officially a Master Saucier, and he helped one restaurant rise in the Michelin rankings, so his menu is as authentic as it gets. If you’re looking for some joie de vivre - and an actual table - Plouf Plouf is worth a Farm Coast excursion. 2490 Main Road, Tiverton