Narragansett Beer Announces Its 7th Annual Father’s Day Tie Design Contest

Hi Neighbor! Narragansett Beer needs your help


Somewhere along man’s transformation from primordial ape to postmodernist intellectual grew the idea that fabric (read: ties) worn noose-like around the neck falls into the category of “manly” - some even say “studly.”

Now, as if neckties needed more solidification in their manly status, Narragansett Beer presents its 7th Annual Father’s Day Tie Design Contest. Designers, artists and all- around manly men are encouraged to submit their best necktie design, for the chance of winning cash money and Gansett beer.

The only stipulation, though, is that submitted designs must incorporate Narragansett beer elements and imagery... which begs the question, is there anything more manly than paying for beer with the money earned from a beer-inspired necktie? (Hint: There isn’t.)

To enter, email a high or low resolution JPEG of the design to Contest ends Friday, December 27.