Mindfulness in Simple English

Find some peace of mind at one of these local meditation groups


Have you ever thought about your self? And not in the I-need-a-vacation way, or the I-should-buy-a-boat way. No, have you ever contemplated your physical and mental existence, while also remaining mindful of the way in which you love and understand your self?

It’s a heavy question, for sure, but it’s one that the Rhode Island Community of Mindfulness seeks to nurture and support. Here, within this community of seven meditation groups, or sanghas, scattered around the state, one of which calls the East Bay home, individuals attempt to “deepen [their] understanding of mindfulness” and engage in “Buddhist practices.” All meditation meetings are open to the public and newcomers are encouraged to participate.

The East Bay’s group is called Mind Tamers, and they meet at the Saints Matthew and Mark Episcopal Church (5 Chapel Rd, Barrington) from 6:30-8:30pm on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.

So, while a vacation or boat may bring about temporary satisfaction, it’s the inner exploration of the self that provides lasting, irreplaceable happiness.