Milan Fine Clothiers Dares Your Clothing to Go Bold

Richard Darakian of Milan Fine Clothiers encourages menswear that makes a statement


Richard Darakian of Milan Fine Clothiers in Barrington insists that men look their best in bespoke clothing. By being able to choose the fabric, cut, buttons and accessories of a suit, sports coat or shirt, you’re left with a piece that is far from anything cookie cutter. With all the fall fabrics coming in this season, he can easily create a cardigan, sports coat or suit to keep you on trend.

With years of experience, Richard incorporates trending fashion with exquisite fit. “Menswear is trending towards more fitted clothing,” he says. “It has been that way for several years. The younger generation seems more comfortable with this than the more mature gentleman.” Above all else, however, he recommends wearing what looks good on you instead of wearing a trendy piece for the sake of the trend.

Ways to incorporate this season’s men’s fashion are as easy as a change in color, fabric and fit. Popular colors in suits are blue and charcoal in subtle plaids and windowpanes. For sports coats, tweeds, plaids and solid colors in a soft construction make it feel as if the typical heavy sports coat is as light as a sweater. “Sports coats with a zip out bib acts as a jacket or outerwear,” Richard explains. “Military styled coats with lots of pockets and quilted jackets and vests” are also on trend.

Cardigans are a great item to add to your wardrobe this fall, too, and they’re nothing like your grandfather’s cardigan. They’re much more stylish and modern, with textured fabrics in a more fitted and updated style. Look for solid colors to pair with a brightly patterned shirt underneath, the perfect statement piece. Other ways to incorporate statement pieces in a men’s look are through colorful socks, colorful linings in jackets and sports coats or pocket squares. “The styles have become more classic or traditional looks with modern stylings,” says Richard. “People are just trying to make it more fun.”

Milan Fine Clothiers
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