Get A New Glow For A New Season

Give your skin the love it deserves after a harsh winter.


The roads were winding. I was navigating through snowy, scenic back roads in Rehoboth to get as far away from winter as I could. I pulled into Hillside Country Club and walked towards my destination, Cristallo Spa. The cream-colored reception area, complete with plush sofas, a fireplace and a dripping chandelier, was elegantly juxtaposed to the other white view out the bay window.

Teresa, the spa manager, greeted me to whisk my puffy coat out of sight. She led me to a changing area, where I took off even more layers and slipped into a fleeced-lined silk robe and slippers. As if on cue, my shoulders dropped. “Enjoy the experience,” she told me. From there I sat in the Tranquil Room, a waiting area with tea, granola bars and magazines. Krystal, the esthetician who was going to give me a facial, came in with a smile and took me into her room.

My skin was weathered, too. Krystal chose the DermaSweep with Infusion facial. She explained that the treatment was ideal for uneven skin texture and hyperpigmentation, and helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Ding ding ding! That’s correct, I said to myself as I cozied up on the spa bed. “This is a great facial because not only do you get to relax, but you’ll see real results,” she said. She explained that the SkinCeuticals product line was medical grade, which would leave my skin firm and toned.

Krystal used a wand-like device. It felt like a tiny vacuum on my face. “This stimulates blood flow, which increases collagen production,” she pointed out. The top most layer was being gently sucked away to make way for smoother skin. She again customized the treatment by selecting a hydrating infusion, which was steeped in my skin with the vacuum-like wand. Krystal told me to expect some pinkness for the rest of the day, and that I’d wake up with beautiful skin.

The full service spa opened last July on the expansive Hillside Country Club, which is open to the public. Spa owner Tricia Ferreira’s vision was to provide an experience rather than just a list of offerings. The lush and relaxing spa atmosphere, coupled with the friendly and accommodating staff, does indeed create a perfect setting for a quick beauty getaway. “You can come to just relax with a massage, or get a targeted cosmedical treatment,” Teresa said.

As I drove away the sun was hitting the snow and slowly melting away the harsh season. With my own winter layer off, I too was ready to spring forward.

Cristallo Spa
82 Hillside Ave, Rehoboth