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Juiced Up for 2018

Fully Rooted’s new raw juicery opens in Pawtucket, just in time for New Year’s resolutions


Last month was all about holiday spirit - or, for some of us, holiday spirits and lots of them, along with parties, merrymaking and food that was mostly sugar topped with sugar. It’s time for a fresh start in January. For Fully Rooted Juice, the farmer’s market darling that recently opened a juicery on Mineral Spring Avenue, it’s about a raw, cold-pressed start. “We wanted to offer an alternative that’s totally different from your typical bar with beautiful, living enzymes that fuel your body as opposed to depleting your nutrients,” says co-founder Amanda Repose, who runs Fully Rooted with Steve Carlson, Angelo Mollis and Ben Aalvik. Like any good bar, Fully Rooted is offering drinks on tap. In addition to the flavors you can purchase at the Wintertime Farmer’s Market at Hope Artiste Village, like Green Lemonade (with apple, cucumber, spinach, celery and lemon) and Rise and Shine (with carrot and green apple), the juicery has new flavors on tap, as well as their own kombucha, in seasonal flavors like lavender rosehip and winter chai. To further their guiding concept of food as medicine - all four partners started juicing to help alleviate medical issues - Fully Rooted will be hosting “a community series highlighting everyday individuals who have dealt with chronic illness, where others can talk and share,” Amanda says. “We must be proactive in our health and help each other on that journey. That’s what Fully Rooted is about.”