Flashy Jewels

Think fast while shopping this online flash sale


The Bellevue Collection, a digital trunk sale held weekly on Facebook, is run by an anonymous fashionista. We talked to her about affordable bling.

What is Bellevue Collection?
Bellevue Collection is a flash sale site, via Facebook, offering nautical chic jewelry at amazing prices.

Why did you decide to take your business online and off the streets?
We love the saying “flash sales are the new black,” and we agree. Using a flash sale format allows us to connect with people outside of Rhode Island on a more regular basis.

How do you select your jewelry?

I hand select every piece. If I wouldn’t wear it, I don’t buy it for Bellevue. We are constantly showcasing new designers to keep things fresh and forward.

What are some trends that can take us from summer to fall?
Turquoise and brown is a classic and favorite fall combination. We love taking our best summer turquoise pieces and wearing them layered with brown riding boots and gold bangles in the fall.

What is your favorite piece that has sold recently?
We just featured an amazing black and white snake bangle. It’s classic, and we consider animal print to be the perfect neutral.

Any up and coming pieces we should be fighting for?
Our hammered starfish pieces in gold are worth fighting for; we usually sell out within minutes.

How are you able to get the jewelry for less?
We are savvy shoppers and make frequent trips to New York City, working to get the lowest price possible.

What should I wear on a night out in Newport?
We’re all about white jeans with fab heels, a navy top and gold jewels.

Can you mix costume and precious jewelry?
One of our favorite customers says of Bellevue Collection, “[It’s] not the jewelry your husband buys you.” We love that because we are a great mix of classic and trendy. Many of our pieces are designer-inspired, but at $16 versus their $600 price tag, it’s a better option. Layer costume pieces with precious jewelry and no one will notice the difference.

Monograms seem to be very trendy right now. What is a good way to wear them?
We love, love, love anything with a monogram. We adore classic monograms and signet rings, but for an updated twist we are experimenting with monograms in bright colors on enamel jewelry and straw clutches.