Fiber Rich

Knitters, quilters, and more find what they need at Barrington’s welcoming Knit One Quilt Too


In the fast-paced electronic world in which we live, where waiting even five seconds for something to download can cause anxiety, it’s no wonder that so many seek to unplug via creative endeavors. If you have ever considered what it would be like to produce something textile with your own hands, then Knit One Quilt Too is the perfect place to start. In a quaint commercial enclave, Yvonne Weiss has designed a shopping experience to accommodate both advanced and would-be makers. Items are neatly presented and encourage wandering among the appealing displays of fabrics and yarns (including prized international brands), kits, books, and supplies. There’s also a large classroom ready for group and private classes and lessons in crochet, embroidery, knitting, needlepoint, quilting, sewing, weaving, or just communal creating. “For my whole life I have been involved in fiber arts, and it’s something that has always provided a lot of comfort to me,” says Weiss. For a former pediatrician who started the business five years ago after raising five children, continuing to give back to the community is essential. “We try to have a quilt for each child as they age out of the [foster care] system and move into their own space so that they have something of their own,” says Weiss, who sponsors knitting and quilting programs to accomplish that mission. “The very best part of having the shop has been all the amazing people I have met. I feel deeply grateful to be included in so many lives.”

Knit One Quilt Too
10 Anoka Avenue, Barrington • 401-337-5578