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Bringing Argentinian Flavors to Local Tables

Family, friends, and food are the perfect trifecta at Mesa Fresca


For Warren-made food brand Mesa Fresca, family is at the center of everything they do. Growing up in the Alberto household, family and friends often gathered around a plate of chimichurri. After years of hearing “This is delicious, where can I buy this?”, the Albertos decided to launch Mesa Fresca, with chimichurri sauce as their very first product. Owned collectively by the Alberto family, the product line includes both the classic Argentinian seasoning and a spicy variation, which are available in select grocery stores across New England. Also hitting shelves is their Salsa Criolla, an authentic Spanish salsa made from a variety of pickled vegetables. Visit their website for their family recipes and creative ideas on how to incorporate the sauces into your home cooking.