Earth-Friendly Shopping

Nautical and ecologically sound items at LunaSea


What started out as a dream became an interesting reality right up to the naming of the shop – which technically is two words although owner Jody O’Marra tells me that some days it’s one.

Luna Sea
is a lovely shop full of sustainable goods down at Thames Street Landing in Bristol, right by the water.
Jody started the shop over three years ago to introduce locals to environmentally conscious fair trade items. Her eclectic store does just that, and sells goods such as organic chocolates, herbs, spices, teas, essential oils and household items – to name a few.

Luna Sea is also is a proud provider of Badger Bomb products that Jody’s nieces and nephews are growing up on. “Everything in this store has been family tested,” she says. “I’m not sending anybody home with something I wouldn’t give my family.”

The products in the store are definitely unique. I’ve personally never seen the Dandelion brand Earth-friendly baby products, like spoons made from corn. Jody tells me that the goods in the shop are “easy to use, good for you and beneficial to the environment.”

There are also plenty of nautical-themed items, including mermaids. “[We have] a lot of mermaid items because [they] like to see themselves when they’re shopping.” Jody says. “Mermaids like shiny things.”
If you’re looking for a unique product that’s good for you, Luna Sea is the place to be. “I truly hope that anybody [who] comes in to shop just feels at ease here and takes their time to browse because there’s a lot to see,” Jody says.

Luna Sea
259 Thames Street, Bristol