Dutchman Dental Helps You Get Your Bright On

Dutchman Dental in Tiverton will get get your chompers looking brighter


There isn't a morning that goes by where I’m not sucking down a coffee within minutes of waking up. Coffee provides the fuel for my day, but along with my other vice, red wine, it had wreaked ugly havoc on my teeth. My chompers were suddenly looking more yellow than white. So I made an appointment at Dutchman Dental for an in-office whitening treatment.

Driving down Main Road, I was looking for a medical-looking building but instead pulled into a Dutch Colonial house. As I stepped on to the front porch, it didn’t feel like I was going to the dentist. Inside, I walked into the waiting area and was welcomed by antique sofas, a fireplace and a down-to-earth staff. Within minutes, Felicia, my dental hygienist, escorted me to the patient room.

More homey surprises were waiting for me. Each of the seven rooms has a different theme, like beach or Midwest. My room was inspired by Native American culture and included art, antiques and tasteful details like colorful wall paint and light fixtures. Felicia was pleasantly informative throughout the two-hour process. First, a putty-like substance on a metal tray was placed in my mouth to make an impression for the molded trays for my at-home maintenance. Next was the Phillips Zoom process. With a mouth guard and protective eyeglasses in place, a prescription strength bleach gel was applied to my teeth followed by four 15-minute intervals under a UV light.

Midway through, owner and dentist JP Van Regenmorter causally strolled in. He was so laid-back that I mumbled to Felicia, “Is that him?” JP, as staff and patients know him, came to check in on my progress. “It’s looking good,” he said. Before I knew it, a mirror was placed in my hand. My teeth were so ridiculously white that I started to laugh out loud. “You’re at a B1,” Felicia said, explaining that mine was the lightest natural shade possible.

“It’s all about comfort for my patients,” JP told me afterwards, as we sat on the front porch while birds chirped away at a nearby feeder. “The experience I want for my patients is the one I want.” After working in a practice that was in “a box within a box,” or a typical medical type office within a sterile medical building, he knew he wanted a completely different approach. With a mission to have “no white lab coats or bad attitudes,” JP created an easy-going environment where everyone calls each other by their first name. “I just wanted a simple approach to the very complicated,” he says.

Though the family practice is about as chill as you can get, the equipment used is state-of-the-art. Single-visit porcelain crowns, advanced digital imaging, in-house lab technicians and a variety of progressive instruments allow JP to not only be the good, old-fashioned village dentist, but also offer the highest-grade options. For me, that was whiter than white teeth on my extended lunch hour. And a smile worth smiling about.

Dutchman Dental
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