Designer Bling

Talking style with Tiverton's Tiffany Peay


Tiffany Peay owns Tiffany Peay Jewelry in Tiverton. This month we talk to her about jewelry trends.

What sparked your interest in designing jewelry? Are you self-taught?
I had my first jewelry class at age 12. My work is intricate and takes a keen eye and long hours to create. I studied Jewelry Making and Glass Working at Virginia Commonwealth University and continued with practical study in New York City. I continue make jewelry because I love to create gemstone color combinations and add sparkle to people’s lives while making them feel beautiful.

Holiday season is in full swing. Can customers have jewelry designed for that special someone?
Of course, this offering is what makes us so special. Many are inspired by the current collection but prefer to have an item made to suit and fit perfectly. Our team is well educated about styles and gemstones.

What would you say is a must-have accessory for the fall and winter months?
A must-have accessory is a versatile long ruffle necklace that can be worn over turtlenecks, can be doubled or worn in layers. ‘Ruffles’ feature a mix of tonal sparkle with a coordinating color of fine gold chain. A charm necklace is also a great staple and a fun choice, suitable for all ages and ideal to add to over time.

Do you have a favorite piece from your collection?
The ladder bracelet is my favorite right now; it is the bracelet version of the anniversary ring and like the ring fea- tures movement of the stones.

You recently celebrated the 15-year anniversary of your jewelry collection. What’s next for you?
Going to Tucson to buy new stones is something I always look forward to. Having documented my work for 15 years, I am finding inspiration in referring to those styles while considering new gems and their powers of healing.

Tell me about some of the successes you’ve had: high-end stores selling your designs and big publications writing about you.
I have been fortunate enough to have sold my work all over the US, UK, Germany and Japan. We have been featured in many national publications: InStyle, Self, Travel+Leisure, The Boston Globe and on many blogs and online magazines. We appreciate the generous local coverage while selling online and in our beautiful Tiverton Four Corners location.

What is one piece you absolutely could not live without?
My ever-changing charm necklace.