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The Burrito Bowl takes “build your own” up a level in East Providence


The Burrito Bowl is a family operation for husband and wife owners Edward and Hipolita Thimes. Look behind the counter and you’ll likely find Edward and his four brothers taking orders and preparing fresh food inspired by family traditions. Edward, who grew up in East Providence, says, “This used to be a seafood restaurant. I would come here with my grandma when I was young and I thought, ‘One day I want a restaurant just like this.’” When that exact location became available years later, Edward and Hipolita seized the fateful opportunity and opened The Burrito Bowl. The menu offers a variety of customizable options like burrito bowls, burritos, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and more. Edward says that it’s their “wide selection” that differentiates them from their competition: three types of rice, including the popular coconut rice, and several types of wraps including white, wheat, spinach, and garlic. They also have a range of popular sauces and many vegan-friendly options. Bottled beer and wine are available for purchase. The Thimeses hope to expand and are even considering launching a product line of their signature sauces.