Adult Education

Creativity and Imagination

Ever wish for more time to create? For the sharp imagination that comes so easily to kids? There’s no reason one’s sense of creativity should stay stuck back in the years of childhood. …


Ever wish for more time to create? For the sharp imagination that comes so easily to kids? There’s no reason one’s sense of creativity should stay stuck back in the years of childhood. After all, even adults are allowed to day dream. Set aside some time for the following classes and the artistic results are sure to be astonishing.

Level: Casual
Let’s start slow and simple: Over in Barrington, the Peacock and Parade offers Adult Sewing Workshops every Wednesday evening, from 7-9pm. The intricate, focused process of threading needles and mending clothes (or creating new ones) is easy enough for anyone to do, yet deep enough that a diehard artist could find surprising ways to work the needle. Elizabeth, the workshop’s host, works with each individual on their chosen project, taking an idea every step of the way from concept to completion. Call today to join. $140 for 4 (2-hour) sessions or $35 per class. 184 County Rd, 2nd Floor, Barrington. 401-289-2185.

Sewing not enough? Okay, okay - this next one is a surefire way to work the hands as much as the mind. Get this: Barrington is also home to The Clay Art Studio, where owner Rena Bidney hosts Ongoing Adult Classes. Here, adults can let loose their imagination to “create whatever you want out of clay.” Need a new bowl, mug or vase? A personalized goblet for getting lost in a bottle of wine? (Check the In The Kitchen section for reasons to drink.) Rena provides assistance for all projects. Call for registration. $25 for one 2-hour class or $20 for classes paid in advance. Prerequisite: Beginner’s Workshop. 14 Paquin Rd, Barrington. 401-245-4898.

For adults in need of some eye candy along with their creativity (who isn’t?), Sandywoods Farm’s Model Figure Drawing is a must-see. Happening every Monday from 6-9pm, the sessions don’t coddle attendants: they’re unguided, with experienced male and female models putting their bodies on (artistic) display, in a “relaxed, informal and supportive setting.” All experience levels are encouraged to come, but artists must bring their own materials. Donations accepted for models. 73 Muse Way, Tiverton. 401-241- 7349.

Level: Energetic
Forget sewing. Forget clay. Forget drawing. The rock gods have called and they need their new champion: You. So crank the amps to eleven, put in extra practice on your jump kicks and sign up for the School of Rock’s Adult Lesson Program. This program is as appropriate for beginners as it is for gigging musicians “looking to hone their skills.” And don’t worry about missing that excessively long late-lunch that rock champions are entitled to, because lessons are only held before 3pm and after 7pm. 1295 Fall River Ave, Seekonk. 508-557-0213.

Although busting out big tunes on a guitar or accordion can work up a sweat, nothing compares to the full-body experience of dancing. And not the kind of dancing left to litter dark corners of nightclubs and high school proms - no, classy dancing like Floor- Time Studio’s East Bay Ballroom program. Participants learn to move in fluid rhythm with their partner while also appreciating the subtleties of their own body. Call for prices and schedule. 1038 Aquidneck Ave, 2nd Floor, Middletown. 401-849-5678. 

Level: Experimental
Part of the creative experience is going beyond one’s comfort zone. It’s about creating emotions and anxiety and the beautiful cocktail of chemicals that erupt when tackling fears. Oddly enough, though, it’s not always easy to find such opportunities. But fear not, brave souls, for The Dancing Spirit Studio, in Tiverton, provides exactly that with their Belly Dancing Classes. Oh yes, the act of exposing one’s midriff and moving in a seductive manner is most definitely a memorable way to unleash the imagination. (Their professional instructors make it easy and enjoyable, so don’t fret over first-class nerves.) Call for prices and schedule. 219 Nanaquaket Rd, Tiverton. 401-338-9905.