Complimentary Artists

One vision, two curators, three artists, Four Corners.


Around the bend from the frozen splendor of legendary Gray’s Ice Cream hangs a very warm public invitation. Gallery 4 at Tiverton Four Corners has opened an exhibit called Trio: Texture, Structure, Passion, bringing together the work of three contemporary artists who merge visions, each evoking strong images in uniquely bold styles. It is all things ocean, air and light, free and open to the public for sumptuous viewing through September 7.

As co-curators Alix Campbell and Elaine Hill invite, be prepared to see the ocean as you might imagine on a stormy day and vistas of sky that leave you wondering about the “transformation that most becomes light and air via artist Ruth Hamill.” Get lost in the turmoil and tranquility that color and texture create, “bringing you around those corners of your imagination with Susan Strauss’s fine hand.” Finally, stand focused as Harry Nadler “permeates your senses while his labyrinths and geometrics dance to their own beat.”

Ruth, from another artist colony spawned in the marshes and cliffs of Manchester-by-the-Sea in Massachusetts, presents her audacious landscape interpretations through the seasons in oils and encaustic. Her work has been described as, “Roiling seascapes and succulent skyscapes.”

Susan’s latest pieces are described by co-curator Alix as, “A succinct display in interpreting layers of color with emotion and forcing the viewer to seek what lies just past the edge of the canvas.”

There will also be a rare find. New work has been uncovered from the late Harry Nadler’s vault through Harry’s widow, Helen.

“This offering takes us deeper into his labyrinthine discoveries, geometric concentrations and color juxtapositions. A treat for Nadler fans and an epiphany for those who have not yet had that pleasure revealed,” says Elaine. “Harry Nadler passed away at the age of 60 in 1990. He was an abstract expressionist whose work we became familiar with through his wife, a local watercolorist, Helen Sturgis Nadler, for whom we had an exhibition in 2008. We first showed Harry Nadler in 2009, and each year following. Our patrons have compared his work to Diebenkorn, de Kooning and in his earlier years, Cezanne.”

Though tremendously different stylistically, the trio of artists share similar outlooks.

“We chose these artists on their strong use of color and design, emotionally transforming their ideas to canvas with great precision and abandon all at the same time. All working under the abstract umbrella, each artist offers differing degrees of abstraction to their work,” adds Alix. “We view them as contrasting, but complementary to one another,” said Elaine.

The curators’ greatest task became selecting, framing and hanging diverse pieces of art to complete an exhibit whole. “It was an endeavor that presented us with many beautiful and interesting pieces of art. The challenge was choosing images that would complement each other and engage the viewer on many levels. We are long on experience in selecting items for our gallery together, our tastes are compatible and any different opinions make the end result better,” says Alix. “The installation team is made so much stronger with the presence of Chas Hickey, our talented and experienced associate. We are an energized trio for Trio.

Elaine and Alix are thrilled to be in the midst of this thriving artistic area at Four Corners. “Many artists have told us that they are here for the light, bucolic land and seascapes, and people who appreciate the creative flow in Tiverton Four Corners. Lots of interaction between the shops and galleries keeps interest high and full of keen appreciation for all new work that surfaces,” says Elaine.

Gallery 4 was founded in 2003. “We are two companies sharing the gallery. Susan Freda and Arn Krebs Studio create exquisite jewelry, wire sculpture and metal works. Alix and I are Silk Road Traders, traveling to Istanbul annually to collect rugs, ceramics, textiles, art and jewelry. We also carry Asian antique furniture... collecting from many parts of the Silk Road trail. [It’s] wonderful backdrops for the art!”

Viewer reactions to the exhibit run the gamut from serenity to explosions. “There are peaceful moments, there are exciting moments and then there are the moments when you are not standing in front of one of the pieces and you remember a brushstroke, a labyrinth of lines or a swath of color and smile at how the art makes you feel,” says Alix. “Perhaps the best feeling we have had about the reaction of the work by gallery viewers is wow!”

Trio: Texture, Structure, Passion
Runs through September 7 at Gallery 4
3838 Main Road, Tiverton Four Corners 401-816-0999