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Catch Seafood Fest at Bowen's Wharf

The 27th Annual Seafood Festival is returning to Newport on October 14


A most delicious tradition that honors “the harvest of the sea,” Newport’s 27th Annual Seafood Festival is a post-summer celebration that’s all about fun, family and, of course, food. On October 14, dozens of regional vendors assemble under colorful tents to offer delectable preparations of lobster, crab, fish, oysters, clams, quahogs, shrimp, squid, scallops and other fresh, local-caught seafood. Cafe-style seating is available around the wharf, or you can choose to drop anchor at one of the area’s many famed restaurants, all of which will be serving their most celebrated seafood dishes. Along with the scent of coastal cuisine swirling though the autumn air, you’ll also find the streets and sidewalks abuzz with the musical stylings of local bands and artists performing anything from jazz and blues to rock and reggae. Shopping, ship tours and a host of kid-friendly activities ensure that there’s plenty of fun to be had by everyone.