Bristol’s One-Stop Shop for Looking and Feeling Great

Check out the no-cal candy store for big girls.


One loyal customer calls it the “no cal candy store for big girls” that attracts not only Rhode Islanders, but men and women from Boston and New York looking for something different.

Deborah Ventrice opened Zenabelle, the 1,200 square foot holistic apothecary – not a “spa”– three-and-a-half years ago, and since then it has been filled to the brim with unique, healthy products good for you and the environment.
Zenabelle has a variety of goods from 60 different handpicked vendors, from supplements and essential oils to skincare, hair care and even household cleaners. One of their newest additions is the juice bar.

“We are one of the only juice bars in the area that cold press on site and use all organic ingredients [and a centrifugal juicer],” Deborah tells me. “Why would I want to use pesticides, and why would I want juice without nutrients?” Makes sense to me.

Deborah has the juicing process down to a science (seriously, she has a chemistry background). To make the juice, each fruit or vegetable is cold pressed individually to retain nutrients and then is mixed into a nutrient rich cocktail.

They also offer smoothies that are organic down to the spices. I tried out the Nutty Buddy with chocolate protein and would definitely recommend.

Also new to Zenabelle is a massage area in the back of the shop with great massage therapists and all holistic facials.

If you’re looking for ways to lead a healthier lifestyle – or are just in the mood for a smoothie – head to Bristol and Deborah and her warm, knowledgeable staff will be sure to take care of you.

573 Hope Street, Bristol