Bling Awareness

Barrington’s Heidi Fanion designs jewelry for a cause


What sets Heidi’s Bling apart from other jewelry lines?
I created my line of custom designed Swarovski crystal and glass bead rings to bring awareness to different causes, cancers and syndromes that people may not be aware of. The rings are very colorful and eye-catching, and I get compliments daily from everyone I run into. It’s a great door opener for spreading the word and sharing information. I consider myself an advocate for those who may not be able to advocate for themselves.

What are some of the causes your rings support?
The custom colors and unique designs symbolize a multitude of causes including (but not limited to): cancer, Down syndrome, animal abuse, do-mestic violence, gay pride awareness, agoraphobia, Tourette syndrome, veterans awareness, lupus, anorexia/ bulimia, HIV/AIDS, alopecia, MADD/ DARE, child abuse awareness and autism. All of the rings I’ve created have meaning to me – someone I know has been affected by the issue.

Which ring is especially meaningful to you?
My husband and I lost his 32-year-old brother, Mark, to thyroid cancer in 2010. I created a special ring in his honor from magenta, purple, teal and clear crystals, which is beautifully displayed on my table. I always tell Mark’s story as well as encouraging everyone I speak with to get their thyroid checked. Early detection can be a lifesaver!

Which ring is the blingest of them all?
I created a bone cancer awareness ring for my grandfather, which is my favorite piece to wear. It is made of all clear Swarovski crystals and clear glass beads; it looks like a 6-carat flawless diamond. Every time I wear it, I get complimented on it – at the bank, supermarket, deli counter and work.

Where can your rings be found?
People can go online to purchase Heidi’s Bling on my website or they can find my rings displayed at River’s Edge Flowers in Pawtuxet Village. I also sell my jewelry at artisan shows, craft shows and large-scale trade shows.

What are your goals for the future?
So far, I’ve received orders from as far away as Hawaii and Germany. I give 20% of my profits to Pink Heals Rhode Island, which gives all money received to women with cancer. I love giving back, and the more my company grows, the more I can do so.