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Barrington Farm School Fights for its Land

The Barrington Land Conservation Trust is campaigning to preserve the historic site from being sold to developers


Back when agriculture was the primary driver in a community, people of all ages would gather at the local farm. The Barrington Land Conservation Trust is trying to preserve this link between history and community by saving the Barrington Farm School from being sold to developers. Their fundraising campaign to buy the property, “Save the Farm,” is being led by trust board member and the school’s co-founder, Tim Faulkner, and has raised around half of the funds needed thus far.

The 120-year-old farmland is home to beekeeping, fresh food tastings, environmental groups and nature studies, as well as a farm stand selling fresh honey, plants and vegetables. The school offers afterschool programming for kids from preschool to high school. Kids practice everything from planting to harvesting, selling to consuming, thereby learning about their local food sources.

“Some days there will be a two-year-old all the way to a 70-year-old in the fields,” says Candace Clavin, an educator at the school and a Barrington resident. “It’s a special place for all ages to meet on common ground.”