Artistic Adventures

Bask in the beauty of locally made creations


Rhode Island is home to so much beauty; both natural and crafted by human hands. Providence has been dubbed the "Creative Capital," South County is home to so many artists who use the surrounding wildlife as inspiration, and The Bay area has galleries galore.

We met with three very different artists who all work and live in Rhode Island. Take a break from the daily grind and revel in the beauty of locally crafted, unique works of splendor.

Jessica McGuirl, Illustrator & Graphic Designer
This Providence based artist draws inspiration for her playful creations from all parts of life. Recently, she's been finding beauty in edible objects. Read the article...

Karen Stackow, currently engaged in Pyrography aka "writing with fire"
Karen literaly uses fire to burn messages and images into wood that is often locally sourced.  Read the article...

Steve Brosnihan, Cartoonist & Illustrator
Inspired by Doctor Suess, Steve combines humor with whimsical drawings and brings joy to kids and adults alike. Read the article...