Antiques with a Conscience in Warren

Alfred's Consignment offers beautiful consignment pieces and is in the business for a good cause


As I went inside to speak to Alfred of Alfred’s Consignment in Warren, I was absolutely taken by a handsome German cabinet. It was hand painted/ carved and dearly beloved by some curator who decided to part ways with it. “It’s my favorite piece in the store,” Alfred states, and I don’t need to question why. The cabinet, like the other eclectic pieces of furniture in the large showroom, was not my idea of a conventional piece you would find in a second-hand establishment. All the pieces appeared brand new. They were all polished and clean – virtually spotless really, emulating the pageantry of a big-name furniture gallery. “We sell items from Home- Goods, Pier 1, Pottery Barn... it’s not yard-sale quality,” he explains.

Alfred assures that the shop adheres to strict criteria to ensure that all of their available items are topnotch quality. They consign paintings, candlesticks, furniture, fine china and crystal (and the list stretches much further than this article). They also have a sister location, which sells antiques exclusively. With items being marked down every month at both stores, it’s rare to not find a bargain. The consignment shop is no stranger to giving back either: Alfred’s locations conduct fundraisers for the Bristol Animal Shelter where once a year they charge $1 admission at the door and donate all proceeds to benefit the shelter. Alfred’s also donates items that do not sell (with consigner permission) to humanist causes like the East Bay Food Pantry and even helping local thrift shops stock their shelves.