Rhody Pride

An Olympic-Bound Rhode Islander Skates Into Sochi

A Cranston figure skater goes for the gold


Marissa Castelli works as a pair skater, performing choreographed ice skating routines with her partner, Massachusetts-based Simon Shnapir. The two began performing together in 2006, and have gone on to win the 2013 Four Continents bronze and the 2009 World Junior bronze and twice earned the title of U.S. National Champions (2013, 2014).

Their latest competition, the 2014 U.S. Championships, saw the pair perform to Thomas Newman’s “Skyfall,” in which Castelli daringly attempted to pull off a quadruple salchow (four airborne rotations).

As both a Rhode Island resident and a student at CCRI, Castelli represents the best of her little state. And we’re rooting for you, Castelli. Give them hell.