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Spice up February vacation with our kids guide


Let’s face it, kids are expensive. What you once spent on a typical friday night out (or maybe even on a single pair of shoes) is now competing with what you spend on keeping them dressed, fed and satisfied with their social calendars. The truth is that you won’t stop buying yourself that afternoon Starbucks latte, but now you’ll have to add three hot chocolates to it. We want to help. We’ve put together a list of fun, active and educational family activities you can do for less, so that your kids stay happy, you uphold the esteemed title of “best parent ever” and your spouse continues to wonder why he or she got crackers for lunch.

Fun on February Vacation

Because video games for seven solid days just isn’t going to work

High Brow For Low Cost

Less expensive ways to enjoy cultural attractions

Save On Fun Stuff

Because when all is said and done, you still really need a grown-up

Eat Well For Less

For those times when you just can’t face another night of mac and cheese