A Seekonk Farm Reinvents the Muffin

Four Town Farm creates seasonally inspired muffins


Four Town Farm’s new venture, Harvest Delights, was introduced over the summer. Early in the summer, the farm stand began selling their own line of quick breads, muffins, cookies and brownies, all baked on the farm’s property, and all featuring Four Town Farm produce.

The farm, owned by the Clegg family, converted the kitchen of one of their family homes, and Jessica White is in charge of all the baking, doing so in addition to her full-time job off of the farm.

Flavors are inventive as they utilize the produce that is in season on the farm, so you may find parsnip-blueberry muffins during blueberry season, various squash breads, raspberry brownies and corn bread using Four Town Farm’s famous sweet corn.

Prices range from $1.75 for individual serving sizes of quick breads and cookies to $7 for pies, and the bakery items are available for purchase every day at the farm stand. 90 George Street, Seekonk. 508-336-5587.