A Local Shop Pays It Forward

Encore of Barrington does a lot more than consignment


At the heart of every organization is a message. Encore of Barrington’s message begins after every blistering New England summer, proclaimed proudly by their signature yellow banner under the St. John’s Episcopal Church sign. For the last 40 or so years, the church’s basement has been the intimate setting for Barrington’s neighborhood, nonprofit consignment shop. Proprietor and manager Charlotte Morse says the shop has been one of the town’s best kept secrets and wishes for that clandestine veil to be lifted.

“The women who run the shop,” for three days each week, “are all, in fact, volunteers,” Charlotte beams. Volunteers also reap the rewards of working in a store that sells top-quality items on the cheap. With apparel lines such as Chico’s and Talbots and accessories by Coach and Vera Bradley, Charlotte’s staff and customers will never be out of style.

The staff is completely dedicated to the cause of helping those less fortunate by giving back to goodwill organizations in Providence and nearby towns. Any and all profit made (sans the 60% consigners make off of their sold goods) is donated to food banks and outreach programs. The shop even donates what it doesn’t sell to local charities, coat drives and other thrift shops for resale. Nothing goes to waste for the staff of Encore, who sees the consignment shop as less of a volunteering project and more of a community of people helping people.