The Importance of Bay Scallops

A local technician creates an award-winning video


While New England seafood is typically the star of our dinner plates, Kathryn Markey, a technician in the Aquatic Diagnostic Lab at Roger Williams University, has made it the star of the 2012 Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition. Specifically, it is a short stunning video of a Martha’s Vineyard bay scallop doing what it does best – consuming nutrients by filtering water. This powerful 25-second video demonstrates the role they and other bivalves play in the marine environment by filtering gallons of water every day which not only improves water clarity, which allows further penetration of light, but also improves water quality. This video is just one of nine entries that won among the thousands that were entered and will be receiving international recognition. It will travel in a museum tour with the other nine videos in the U.S. with exhibition stops in New York, Maryland and North Carolina.