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4 Thanksgiving Sandwiches We're Thankful For

What's better than a Thanksgiving meal? A Thanksgiving sandwich. Here are 4 of the best ones the East Bay has to offer


So much of Thanksgiving builds up to the one-day whirlwind of food, family and football. But for some individuals, the aftermath of leftovers is the beginning of something beautiful, the Thanksgiving sandwich. If you can’t wait to construct your own, have a taste of some local offerings.

With an outstanding wheat-bread-to-sausage-stuffing ratio, the Blue Kangaroo’s sandwich is a moan-inducing meal that brings out the best of Thanksgiving’s tastes. Real bits of cranberry, hefty pieces of sausage, sizeable slices of tur- key, a powdering of cinnamon and cloves - few sandwiches can be so meaty and yet still give each ingredient enough breathing room to shine on their own. 328 County Rd, Barrington. 401-289-2292.


Forget tradition. Forget extravagance. The Cheese Plate forges an appetite-appeasing piece of edible art that breaks the Thanksgiving sandwich mold. Swiss cheese melts atop slices of roasted turkey and fresh arugula, all slathered with a sweet cranberry mayo and folded into melts-in-the-mouth naan bread. It may not be the usual Thanksgiving sandwich, but it’s one hell of a delicious experience. 54 State St, Warren. 401-245-3932.


The Clements’ Market’s wrap itself comes in four varieties (spinach, sun dried tomato, wheat and plain), all pairing well with the internal ingredients of herby stuffing, sweet- but-still-tart cranberry sauce and moist turkey. And by allowing some customization, the sandwich becomes a catered comfort food that meets an individual eater’s needs. 2575 E Main Rd, Portsmouth. 401-683-0180. 


By doing away with stuffing, Ricotti’s sandwich lets the thick turkey and peppered tomatoes take center stage. Slices of rich bacon balance out the cranberry sauce, while the hearty bread and crisp lettuce give it a textured, satisfying bite that reminded us of a club sandwich. 11 Gooding Ave, Bristol. 401-253-1614.