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4 Sparkling Wines You Should Be Sipping this Month

Bubbly beverages to toast with on Valentine's Day


It’s that time of year again. Love is in the air and booze is being consumed like it’s going out of style. Whether you’re picking the perfect bottle for that special evening with your significant other or getting together for a casual night of love bashing with your besties, here are some choices that will leave you feeling light and bubbly.

Full-bodied Fruit

If you think bouquets are just reserved for flowers, think again. The 2006 RJR Brut from Westport Rivers Winery has a full-bodied, fruity bouquet that is apparent as soon as you take a sniff. The golden color indicates a longer exposure to grape skins and helps to explain the intoxicating sweet aroma. 417 Hixbridge Road, Westport. 508-636-3423.

Young and Fresh

With a positively refreshing flavor, the Blanc de Blanc from Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyards reminds us of a Portuguese vinho verde, a wine that re- minds this writer of her childhood (take that as you will). The floral scent, strong white grape flavor and overall lightness made for a wine we literally could not stop drinking. 162 W Main Road, Little Compton. 401-635-8486.

Adding a Little Sparkle

This very bubbly Brut Cuvée sparkling wine from Newport Vineyards is swimming with apple char- acteristics. With this potent flavor profile, it would seem to be in the running for a digestif after a well-rounded meal. 909 E Main Road, Middletown. 401-848-5161. 

Crisp and Refreshing

An easy white wine that pairs well with fish or poultry, Skipping Stone White from Greenvale Vineyards is versatile. It’s got a tart, citrusy and refreshing effervescence that’s sweet enough to imbibe without food or with a richer meal. And if nothing else, it would make a lovely nightcap. 582 Wapping Road, Portsmouth. 401-847-3777.