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4 East Bay Lobster Rolls You Need to Try

Don't let your summer end without tasting one of these mouth-watering lobster rolls


There is no better time than now to enjoy the oh-so-fresh lobster roll. Whether you’re looking for the quintessential New England specialty or the newest swanky roll on the block, these will remind you again and again why you live in The Bay.

With Easton’s Beach Snack Bar’s Twin Lobster Rolls, we got to meet one of the roll’s irresistible sidekicks: a sweet yet tangy mayo sauce, which lavishly enrobed the tender slices of lobster. All in all, these buttery, grilled rolls were the ideal balance of seafood and seasoning. 175 Memorial Blvd, Newport. 401-855-1910.


DeWolf’s Tavern avocado topping may seem like a bold move here, but we say it was the crux of this lobster roll’s appeal, along with the wonderfully soft Olive Naan bread, sweet red onion, Bibb lettuce, and of course, the generous helping of lobster meat. 259 Thames Street, Bristol. 401-254-2005. 


The Bayside’s Famous Lobster Roll lives up to its name. The huge plentiful pieces of “naked lobster meat,” baby spinach and spring greens were a delightful alterna- tive to the more-common lettuce, and the melted butter a flawless finishing touch. 1253 Horseneck Road, Westport. 508-636-5882. 


We thought Blount Clam Shack’s trademark “extra-long grilled roll” and savory, faite maison dill sauce were delectable companions to the chewy quarter-pound lobster morsels. Plus, the unique giant lobster roll is double the lobster portion! 335 Water Street, Warren. 245-3210.