Taste Test

4 Cookies You Should Be Serving this Holiday

Grab a glass of milk, we're tasting holiday cookies


With all the dinner parties and family events aplenty this time of year, we don’t always have time to make the perfect gift. Fret not. There are plenty of local bakeries that do all of the work for you and create some tasty holiday cookies sure to please even the pickiest of palates.

With a frosting made of white chocolate that creates a beautiful blank canvas to create, these pleasantly soft and chewy sugar cookies from Sweet Lorraine’s Candy Shoppe hit the spot. Each are beautifully decorated with a different theme that make them almost too beautiful to eat. 211 Waseca Ave., Barrington. 401-694-1128.



This perfect-for-dunking gluten-free cookie from Eva Ruth’s is highlighted by its different textures of plump raisins, oatmeal, chocolate chips and sweet frosting. One of our staff members commented how oatmeal cookies remind her of the holidays. Well, ‘tis the season for eating cookies. 796 Aquidneck Ave., Middletown. 401-619-1924.



Snowflakes aren’t just reserved for the outdoors anymore. Now you can bring Provender Fine Food’s chocolate pepper snowflake cookies inside. With a nice cocoa flavor, not too strong hints of black pepper and a nice chewy texture, these are oversized and big enough to share... if you want to. 3883 Main Road, Tiverton. 401-624-8084.



This festive gingerbread cookie from Seven Stars Bakery is actually available year-round, and for good reason. It is what a gingerbread cookie should be: chewy with a hint of real ginger that is not overpowering. And to top it off it is shaped like a star, perfect for the top of a cookie holiday tree. Rumford Center, 20 Newman Ave., Rumford. 401-521-2200.