Taste Test

4 Bagels Worth a Schlep Around the East Bay

We're schvitzing with excitement about some of the area's best bagels


March is still technically winter, which means you can load up on carbs, guilt free, for the rest of the month. And really, who doesn’t love a perfectly toasted bagel? We tasted four interesting takes on East Bay bagelry, with delicious results.

A New Spin on Spinach
This light and airy spinach bagel is the perfect bagel to munch on. The spinach bagel from Bagels Etc. is delicate enough to pair well with the vegetable cream cheese. The fresh cream cheese shines with red onion and green pepper and truly complements the bagel. 259 County Road, Barrington, RI. 401- 247-1213

Soup Turned Bagel
Broccoli and cheese aren’t just reserved for soup anymore. Now you can enjoy this crazy delicious combination in a bagel at the Bristol Bagel Works. Although you could plainly taste the broccoli, it was not overpowering, and the hint of cheese complemented the chewy baked treat. 420 Hope Street, Bristol. 401-254-1390

Gluten-free? No Problem
The Blue Kangaroo’s gluten-free bagel is light while still fulfilling any bread craving. To top it off, they’ve crossed both the savory and sweet lines with a maple glaze that is covered in smoky, thick-cut bacon. It’s like a maple bacon donut and a bagel had a baby. 328 County Road, Barrington. 401- 289-2292

Berry Berry Good For You
The struggle between eating healthy and eating happy is over with the low-carb berry bagel from Krazy Korner. The bagel is filled with an array of fresh blueberries, raspberries and cranberries to create a unique blend of sweet and savory. Finally, a bagel you can enjoy with each guiltless bite. 23 Circle Dr, Seekonk, MA. 508-336-5204